206-1- 1/2 BINDER SET CONSEW 206R JUKI DNU1541 NAK 280L

206-1-  1/2 BINDER SET CONSEW 206R JUKI DNU1541 NAK 280L
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This is a BRAND NEW 5 PIECE Right Angle Binder SET COMPLETE with BINDER for Consew 206RB // Juki DNU Series // Nakajima 280L Walking Foot Machines.

This COMPLETE Set includes the Binder Needle Plate - Binder Feeder - Inside Binder Foot - Outside Binder Foot - 1-1/2" Right Angle Binder

The CUT SIZE of the Binding in this Listing is  1-1/2"

The FINISH SIZE of the Binding in this Listing is  3/4"

This set is available in the following BINDER Sizes:

        1/2"       5/8"       3/4"       7/8"       1"       1-1/8"       1-1/4"       1-3/8"       1-1/2"

The binding is folded in half and generally used for operations like Binding Sun Visors for automobiles or other applications where a Single Fold, Raw Top and Bottom Finish is required.

This attachment is perfect for SUNBRELLA binding with pre-folded edges, especially suited for sharp turns because this is a Right Angle Binder.

This Highest Quality Binder Head allows for Very Sharp turns because of it's design.

This is the setup used by large factories for high volume production.

These parts are Brand New - Highest Quality for CONSEW 206RB Style Walking Foot Machines. It is MUCH less expensive to purchase this set than to buy these parts separately.

Please look carefully at the photo to verify that these parts are EXACTLY the same type that you are currently using.

This set will fit:



JUKI:  DNU-241    DNU-1541

NAKAJIMA:  280L    381L    880L    880LM

SEIKO:   H-2BL-AE     STH-3BL     STH-8BL

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